Backtesting & Algo Trading Development Services

 Finding people with the right balance of technical skills and passion for the markets can be tough!

Don’t pay for a developer who is just ticking boxes for a pay check. When your money is on the line in the markets, you need someone who is invested in the outcome and can become a valuable partner in your success!

Service Highlights

Own The Code

Clients fully own any custom code developed as part of a professional development service. 


Know that your secrets are safe. Signing of mutual non-disclosure agreements is available. 

Only Pay On Delivery

No upfront fees. Pay 50% on delivery and the final 50% only after acceptance. 

If for whatever reason, the project does not meet your requirements after testing, then there is no obligation to pay the final 50%.  

Track Record

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Hourly Rates From

$89 USD/Hour

Custom Development Services

BTR Clients

Backtest Rookies are proud to have provided services for retail traders and companies across the globe.


Huw Hillman

"I have been working with Dave on a number of projects. He is engaged, responsive and easy to communicate with. The analysis projects we have worked on have saved me time and made it easier to find my edge. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to speed up their daily work flow. "
Huw Hillman
Huw Hillman
FX Trader

Raphael Wilhelm

"I recently switched to Tradingview and was really happy to find Backtest Rookies. Instead of spending weeks learning pine script just to port my favorite indicator, I was able to save a lot of time and frustration by using this service. Dave has been a pleasure to work with and provided excellent support throughout the project."
Raphael Wilhelm
Co Founder:


Zulu Warrior LLC

Zulu Warrior LLC

The Market Structure Pte Ltd

The Market Structure Pte Ltd

“We have been working together with Dave on strategy development and are extremely satisfied with the service. His extensive knowledge of the Backtrader framework, professional attitude and keen interest in the markets has helped us to hit the ground running.”

Lawrence Tabak

President – Zuluquant

Available Services

A wide range of services are available. However, if you don’t find what you are looking for, feel free to get in touch anyway. We might be able to help!

Click on one of the services to find out more information.

Backtesting a strategy may give you confidence but it won’t make you money until you start trading it!
The algorithm deployment service is aimed at individuals or companies whom already have a backtested strategy and are looking to deploy it live as a “robot”. A range of deployment options are available for varying levels or budget (and risk tolerance!) such as:
  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Redundancy
  • Process monitoring (know that your algo is running!)
  • Web based reporting and easy algo deployment.
  • Reporting

This service is for those who have a strategy working in Tradingview, QuantConnect, Quantopian or any other service/framework and want to port it to Backtrader.

Development services are charged at an hourly rate.

The best way to truly know if your idea has and edge is to test it. The backtesting service can take your trade plan and test it on publicly available data-sets or even your own private data. 

All backtest results are provided with a comprehensive set of metrics (trade logs, win rates, drawdown, SQN etc) in CSV format for further evaluation in your program of choice.  

Simple backtests using indicator based entry / exit can often be provided as a micro service  

Are you new to programming, backtesting or a startup looking for a helping hand? The consulting service is charged on an hourly basis allowing you to use us as much or a little as needed.

Stuck on a specific item? Get in touch. The service might save you hours by only spending on one of ours. Implementing everything by yourself is only free if your time is worthless!  

Consulting services are charges an the hourly rate.

Do you see data publicly available that you would like to further analyse in the platform of your choice? Get in touch to see if we can help you obtain it.

Data scraping rates can vary depending on the complexity of the website. Accurate quotes can be provided once the data source is known. Not all sites can be reliably data scraped.

Do you have an idea for a custom indicator? Or perhaps you have seen a great indicator on another platform?

The indicator development services is here to help code and deploy custom indicators for Backtrader or Tradingview. 

Development services are charged at an hourly rate. Fixed price contracts can be discussed upon request.

Are you a discretionary trader looking to see if your style can be automated?

Have an idea that you want to develop but not the time?

A fully working strategy can be developed on your behalf. All the IP is yours and yours alone. We just provide the technology and skills to implement it.

This service differs from our backtest service in that the full source code is provided to you and follow up consultations are provided to ensure you know how to use it and pass to other developers in the future should you want to.

Development services are charged at an hourly rate. Fixed price contracts can be discussed upon request.

Note: Tradingview’s pine script programming language is a series based scripting language. As such, it is not as flexible or extensible as Python. Consequently, for complex strategies, Backtrader is recommended for strategy development.

Want to know how if a Santa rally really exists, what generally happens Apple’s stock following an iPhone release or how often the first trading day of the month closes up? Data analysis can be performed on the data of your choice and according to your requirements. 

Want to monitor 100’s of stocks without having to scroll through all the charts? 

Custom stock screeners can be developed to automatically flag the stocks that are setting up according to your trade plans rule-set. 

For example:

  • Do you want to know when two moving averages are converging or just crossed over?
  • Do you want to find stocks where the daily and weekly momentum are aligned?

Stock screeners can often be provided as a micro service.  

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Non Disclosure Agreements

Signing non disclosure agreements with clients paying for services is no problem at all. If you do not have your own non disclosure agreement and would like one, I can provide it.

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