Completed Projects

This page contains a showcase of some of the projects developed for our customers that are not under a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Raphael Wilhelm

I recently switched to Tradingview and was really happy to find Backtest Rookies. Instead of spending weeks learning pine script just to port my favorite indicator, I was able to save a lot of time and frustration by using this service. Dave has been a pleasure to work with and provided excellent support throughout the project.

Tradingview Profile

Custom Indicator & Strategy


Raphael was moving from Metastock to Tradingview and wanted to take an indicator with him that has been crucial to his success over the years.

A Indicator and Strategy development project was started to re-create the indicator and a strategy based on it for backtesting. 

The indicator included the folllowing functionality:

  • Breakout detection
  • ATR based trailing stop
  • ATR based default position sizing
  • Switches for long only / short only signals
  • Inputs to control every variable. 
  • Alerts


Huw Hillman

I have been working with Dave on a number of projects. He is engaged, responsive and easy to communicate with. The analysis projects we have worked on have saved me time and made it easier to find my edge. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to speed up their daily work flow.

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Custom ATR Indicator



This project was commissioned to port a popular ATR exhaustion indicator from MT4 to Tradingview. The indicator has the following customizations that were not found in the Tradingviews library at the time of development:

  • Plotting had to start only from the current trading day.
  • The ATR exhaustion lines show the daily exhaustion levels on any timeframe
  • The ATR exhaustion lines change color when price breaks it. 
  • Coloring would revert once/if the price moves back within the daily range.


This project was commissioned to help Huw automate some statistical analysis he had been performing on “Inside Day” bar manually in excel.

A project was developed to allow him to automatically download and quickly analyze years data to determine the probability of certain outcomes. 

Inside Day Analysis

Price Action Analysis


The price action analysis project was commissioned to identify particular candle patterns in a given data set and analyse the probability of price trading within relative areas following the candle.