Back testing tutorials and algorithmic trading for the complete beginner. 

If you are a professional quant or a seasoned programmer, this site is probably not for you, though you are welcome to stay!

This site was initially created with the absolute beginner in mind. The type of people who are not math wizards, do not hold a PhD in statistics and are just curious about the markets. If you love technology and are not afraid to get your hands wet, stick with us, we will make it together!

Take it slow

With time, patience, a positive outlook and most importantly Google, you can achieve anything you set out to do. All the pieces of the puzzle are out there. Just be creative in putting them together.

Be a tinkerer, be a dreamer. Enjoy playing around with technology and never stop learning. Algorithmic trading is like a great game which is always evolving and we can play it 24 hours a day, nearly 6 days a week.

A word of warning

You might expect me to tell you that algorithmic trading is the holy grail. That it is the only way to invest and you make millions!!! That would be lying. We actually do not believe this is something you should do with a large portion of your money. Consider it hobby and a creative challenge. Only allocate funds you can afford to lose. Remember the competition is tough out there. Tread lightly and move with care!