This service is for those who need a regular, up to date and accurate FTSE/AIM watch list. The subscriptions covers companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Symbol / Tickers lists will be delivered to your email address automatically each time the index is updated. The lists can then be easily imported into Tradingview, Google Sheets or used with existing API’s (such as quandl). The FTSE UK Index Series is reviewed on a quarterly basis in March, June, September and December.

For more information see here:

Available Indices

  • FTSE 100
  • FTSE 250
  • AIM 100

Available Formats

  • Tradingview (LSE)
  • Quandl
  • Google Finance

Tradingview Use Case

Watch lists will be delivered via email attachments in Tradingview compatible text files.

Once received, save the attachment and open Tradingview.

  1. Click on the watch list icon
  2. Then the watch list menu button
  3. Select import watch list. A file upload window will appear.

Select the watch list text file and upload it. 

Screenshot of Tradingview watch list window
Example of delivered text file for AIM 100 symbols that can be imported into Tradingview.

Your watch list is now imported, you can easily scan through all constituents.This is especially useful when scanning for setups (e.g crossovers) or to speed up backtesting against many instruments. 

Google Sheets Use Case

Google Finance compatible tickers are especially useful for creating advanced spreadsheets incorporating google finance data. The image below shows an example of using Google Sheets and a FTSE watch list to tack all FTSE 100 companies.  

FTSE Watchlist

Google Finance subscriptions will be delivered in CSV format ready to import into google sheets. For more information regarding Google’s financial functions for Google Sheets, see here:

Why charge for simple FTSE/AIM watch list?

A small recurring subscription is charged to fund ongoing data acquisition, normalization, delivery and testing to ensure the watch-lists are correct. 

GBP Subscription

First quarter is free. £0.99 per quarter thereafter.

Ticker / Symbol Format
Email Address

USD Subscription

First quarter is free. $1.49 per quarter thereafter.

Ticker / Symbol Format
Email Address